About us

About Us

Bamberry is a one-stop boutique for all things Mommy and Baby. Established in 2018, our ultimate goal was to provide sustainable, cute, comfortable, and premium quality clothes for picture-perfect moments, baby milestones, and everything in between.

Our clothes are functional and eco-friendly without compromising style or quality. Made of organic bamboo fabric, the Bamberry wardrobe offers a wide array of colors and unique prints. Plus, they are all designed to fit a variety of baby sizes—so they can continue to be worn as your little ones grow.


Why Bamboo?

Bamboo fabric is not only ultra-soft and comfortable but also organic and sustainable. Since bamboo fiber is not chemically treated, it is gentle and hypoallergenic. That means no more boo-boos incurred by itch or discomfort—your baby will be safe and happy, while looking extra stylish and cute.