About us

Est 2018, Bamberry Baby offers baby essentials from infants to toddlers. Bamberry Baby prides itself with the materials handpicked to create our little ones’ clothing. These products are carefully created to simply provide ease and comfort for your little one by using the best and safest materials.  Coming from the word “Bamboo” Bamberry is inspired to showcase lines that forge virtues of simplicity, flexibility and beauty.

To us, innovation is about elevating human potential. Thus, we obsess the needs of a new mama who is looking for versatile pieces to mix and match. We also offer various gift sets for mom and mom friends. 

Our Bamberry team is the spark that ignites our imagination and drives innovation. We represent a common goal as to what every mothers’ envision for their babies- “ to give the best.”

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo from viscose is lightweight, breathable and buttery soft for your babies delicate skin. It is thermo-regulating which means it naturally regulates body heat. It is also hypo-allergenic which is suitable for baby skin, especially those who are suffering from eczema. Its lush texture makes it a favorite amongst all ages. Its natural weave makes it stretchy enough for a nice snug fit, yet comfortable for all day wear.